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I'm a rather new lurker here, so if these questions offend anybody please
accept my apologies... :)

First of all, I would like to know of some lowfat substitutes for cheese of
all kinds. Where I'm living right now there is not even any nonfat yogurt
on the supermarket shelves! They only have lowfat yogurt, and as for
cheese... Anyway, the lowest percentage of fat I've seen on the cheese
packets are over 20%. Either that, or they are not labeled... :( Skim milk
is nonexistent as well. Some time ago there was a discussion here (if I am
not mistaken) about nutritional yeast, also called brewer's yeast (?). Does
it taste like cheese? I can't find any here either... :( Could somebody
please tell me where to get some in Malaysia?

Also, what kind of vinegar should I get for everyday cooking? There is a
rather limited variety of vinegar here as well... the only one I've got is
a bottle of artificial white vinegar. However I have seen red wine vinegar,
black vinegar, and (I think) some kind of apple (cider?) vinegar in a
supermarket. Which kind should I get? Are all vinegars fat-free? Pardon my
ignorance, but if you get a single labeled package here you're lucky...
(and no nutritional values books either).

Is soy-sauce and pure cocoa powder fat-free? I've checked it up in the
nutritional database, but soy-sauce is made from soybean extracts, right? I
thought soybeans were high in fat... What is the difference between thick
and light soy-sauce?

A few digests past there was a thread about quick, not-specifically
vegetarian recipes for college students, but (fool that I am) I deleted it.
Could that kind person please send me a copy of all those recipes as well?
It would make my day! :)

Thank you all for listening, and I must say that I've never enjoyed being
on a mailing list more than this one!

(Oh dear, what a long post, sorry...)

Sue Ann