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Oktoberfest meal


I can sympathise with your plight in finding a vlf veggie Oktoberfest recipe.  I live in Munich (home of the Oktoberfest) and, lemme think, what can a vlf vegeterian eat there?  I can think of three items: Beer, Brez'n (pretzels) and Radi (radishes) - actually this wouldn't be such a bad thing to bring to an Oktoberfest dinner since these are (outside of the Wies'nhaendel - roast ch*ck*n) probably the most consumed items at Oktoberfest (something like 5 million litres of beer are guzzled).  (Check it out on: http://www.muenchen-tourist.de/german/o.htm).
However, there are other German recipes that I think can be adapted to vlf - potato pancakes could probably be "fried" without oil... sweet red cabbage...red beet salad...cucumber salad.  A good source of German recipes can be found at: http://soar.berkeley.edu/recipes/ethnic/german/
I'm sure you can find something there which you can adapt.  Good luck - I'll be thinking of you all this weekend while helping to reach the 5 million litre mark...

Victoria Reed
(Max-Planck-Institut of Psychiatry)