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Pita bread...

it was brought to my attention that the first part of my pita recipe never
showed up on the list....
I'll post the whole thing as soon as I can, unfortunately my keyboard is broken
(I'm on a campus computer), so I can't send e-mail from home, where the pita
recipe is one my computer...I'll try to get the recipe on disk, bring it to
school, and send it from here....
(trust me, it's worth the wait,  just made a fresh batch last night....YUMMY)

Also, to all who expressed interest in the Chili Rellanos, experiments are
underway, the first set were soggy and bland....As soon as I get a good FF
recipe, I'll post it...
 Any recommendations on the best/most realistic, FF or LF mozarella cheese?
E-mail privatelly if you don't think it's appropriate...