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The carrot pickle chips

Written Wed 18 Sept 1996 (evening)

Combining two recent threads, the carrot pickle chip idea 
(cooking sliced carrots in vinegar, sugar & a few spices of 
choice) works really well with sliced broccoli stems. They do
not take up as much vinegar as do the carrots and IMO are 
nicer than the carrots! 

I put some fennel seed in mine by accident (picked up the wrong
jar and tipped them all into the pan. I now have quick pickled
fennel seeds. They dried out ok but I haven't tried using them 
in anything yet!) I left a few in and they went surprisingly
well with the broccoli.

Adding in another thread (3 in one post!) perhaps some ground
roasted fennel seed might be nice in the kale and lentil soup.
I'm going to give it a go soon.

Kate in Oxford, England - very cold and windy today. 
Missing South Wales, which *really* knows how to do cold and 
windy *properly*   :-)