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_Fatfree & Delicious_

The guest speaker in Colin Campbell's Vegetarian Nutrition class today was
Robert Siegel, author of Fatfree & Delicious, I got an autographed copy.
He is a good speaker, fun, irreverent, and great ideas.  I have only
thumbed thru the book, looks like one of the better ones, tho I do see that
it uses nuts sometimes as an (optional) ingredient.  But no oil and no
animal products at all.

In reponse to those who call he way of cooking "radical", he says that his
definition of radical is a bit different, he thinks that cutting someone
open top to bottom and taking veins from the legs to put into the chest and
then connecting them to all sorts of machines and tubes is RADICAL.

He also warns us not to preach, it just alienates.  I get reminded of this
in a personal way, I forget and get preachy, sigh.

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