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pressure cookers & rice

I have used my pressure cooker to cook my brown rice for years, but now I'm 
looking into rice cookers because I want to be able to pressure cook while 
my rice is cooking.  :-)   Also, we want to be able to travel with it. 
  I'm looking for the larger kind that can have a dish of steaming veggies 
stacked on top, and I want either a non-stick or stainless rice container, 
 but I'm having trouble finding one locally.  Any specific models or 
mail-order sources?  I saw a Hitachi once that may have been ideal, but 
didn't have time to really look at it.

I don't know if this is a big rice no-no, but I've been presoaking my brown 
rice (and also my wild rice)  before cooking.  It cuts the cooking time 
down and seems to cook more evenly.  I had a bag of elderly brown rice that 
had hidden in the back of the pantry, and this eliminated the problems I 
was having with it.
I'm still guessing at the ideal soaking and cooking times.

Anne Cox