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FATFREE Digest V96 #258

        I smiled to read a post about spam and unleavened pita.  I suspect
you are a newcomer?  Welcome.  Please re-read the FAQ notes about this
being a fatfree **vegetarian** list.  Spam may be called mystery meat...but
it is meat and therefore not subject for this list.
        Regarding the pita.  It does have yeast.  And it is fun to make.
If you ever see them fresh from the oven, you will laugh to recall thinking
them unleavened...they puff up like little blow-fish and deflate on the
counter when then cool.  (Unless one leaves them in the oven too long) :(
I've used regular whole wheat (flour, salt, yeast & water only) to make
pitas.  Just knead as usual and then roll out flat little rounds.  Proof
(let rise slightly).  Pop into VERY hot oven, keep a close eye on them, and
in a few minutes, removed the puff-balls.  They are very yummy fresh!  For
better details, recipes can be found in bread cookbooks at the library.  I
work from the "spd" system (splash, pinch and dash system of fine
measurements instead of recipes :)


>From: kelleyr@xxxxxxxx
>Subject: pita bread
>Is spam low fat ?????  I've received lots of notes from people re: my pita
>post regarding its nutritional qualities.
>I stand corrected ... if it has yeast (which it does) it is NOT unleavened.
>Pita has a small amount of yeast hence it's flat shape.  It pbviously doesn't
>rise very much ....

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