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Re: Need some good ideas!

Earlier, Krista had this to say in "Need some good ideas!" ...

> What I need are suggestions with what I can do with the huge
> box of Nonfat dry milk powder ... Does anyone have a good
> recipe or two that calls for this stuff? I need to get rid of it and
> I can't stand the thought of throwing it away.


Speaking just personally, I've never been able to stand the 
taste of nonfat dry milk when reconstituted as a beverage, whether 
plain or in a smoothie, or with any other ingredients.  Yuck.

It does, however, work just great in place of regular milk in just 
about any baking recipe I've ever tried.

One thing I've done in the past is use it to make yogurt.  I've done
it with both a commercial-style yogurt maker (you know, the six
little jars in a heating unit) and just a plain ol' covered bowl in
the oven worked well, too.  It's been awhile (I generally don't use
dairy now), but I seem to remember that there was a bit more
seperation (whey) when using the non-fat dry as opposed to regular
skim milk from a carton, but the end product was still quite

You might want to check out Adele Davis' "Let's Cook It Right" if
you have a copy available ... she makes frequent use of nonfat dry
milk powder in many of her recipes ... you may have to make
adjustments to stick to low- or no-fat guidelines, but it should
give you some ideas.

Hope that helps ...

    Chuck Mattsen           mattsen@xxxxxxx   

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