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Re: Pressure Cooker rice

I found a posting (I think it was from this list but I'm not sure.)
from about 2 years ago that might be helpful. Sorry, it's not
something I've tested.

     Date:    Fri, 16 Sep 94 09:33:14 MDT
     From:    Doug Medin --- Morgan Community College <MC_DOUG@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     Subject: Alternative to rice cookers

     As an alternative to a rice cooker, we have been cooking rice in a pressure 
     cooker for years with perfect results. We use long brown rice. For example, if 
     we want to cook 1 cup of rice (we've done more), we would fill the pressure 
     cooker with 1-1/2 cups of water, put the rack in, place a bowl on the rack (our
     is stainless steel) with 1 cup of rice and 1-1/2 cups of rice in it.

     When the pressure cooker reaches high pressure, we time it for 8 minutes and 
     turn it off. 

     We do a lot of other pressure cooking and find that it saves a lot of time with

     good results.