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Calcium for Vegans

It's my understanding that vegans, using less protein, have a lower
requirement for calcium.  Here is a quote from Dr. John McDougall, found on
page 58 of John Robbins' book, "May All Be Fed":

"I would like to emphasize that the calcium-losing effect of protein on the
human body is not an area of controversy in scientific circles.  The many
studies performed during the past fifty-five years consistently show that
the most important dietary change that we can make if we want to create a
positive calcium balance that will keep our bones solid is to decrease the
amount of proteins we eat each day.  The important change is not to
increase the amount of calcium we take in."

This chapter has an excellent discussion of the osteoporosis problem, as
does John Robbins' first book, "Diet For A New America".  All of the vegan
doctors, Dr. Michael Klaper, co-founder of the Earth Save Foundation, as
well as Neal Barnard, of PCRM, share this same view.

"May All Be Fed" is a wonderful book, the second half a vegan cook-book,
but it is NOT low fat.  I have challenged myself on occasion by converting
some of the recipes to fat-free--it's pretty easy with soups, but some
recipes are just not the same.

Victoria Hogan
Past-President, EarthSave Canada
Victoria Hogan
Activist, Writer and Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant
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