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sugar cravings

--- You wrote:
One minute I want sweets (another craving of the last few months), 
the next grains, the next protein.
--- end of quoted material ---
My idea of a balanced diet is:
50% Vegetables
30% Grains
15% Beans (or animal protein )
5% Fruit
If you eat like this (and 15-20% fat) you should feel better.
Also, people who aren't getting animal protein will have a craving 
for sugar if they do not get enough vegetable protein and starch. So,
balance your diet! I see a lot of vegetarians who think that being a 
vegetarian is not eating meat. That's only part of it. Some new-vegetarians 
become anemic and gain weight simply because they do not balance their diets.
The best thing to do if you're not sure how to balance your diet is to
try taking an introductory class to Vegetarianism, buy some books or
speak to a health practicioner. I notice that everytime I get lazy  or too busy
don't eat enough vegetables or beans (soy products included) and
start eating foods from vending machines, I feel very sick!
Hope this helps, Paula Gouvea
PS: I heard this morning on the radio that the American Cancer Association said
eating even small amouts of red meat or alcohool may increase your 
chances of getting cancer.