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Sorry about that folks...my computer didn't like that.....
Here's the rest of the pita recipe....

 let rise til double. Punch down and knead a few minutes. Divide in 6 or 12
pieces. Knead each unit and roll into 1/8 - 1/4  inch thick circleoids (my word
:). The shape and size don't matter so much as thickness. I found it's better
err on the side of too thick, as too thin makes them burn easilyand be
cracker-like. Use lots of flour when rolling. Let circleoids rest at least 30
minutes covered with damp towel. (I rest them on placemats.)Heat oven to 500F
and heat baking sheets. I use just one sheet and bake pitas two at a time.
hot sheets with oil or sprinkle with cornmeal.(I have used sesame seeds
sucessfully.) Place (slide) pitas on hot sheets and bake just 5 to 8 minutes
until puffed like blowfish and perhaps very slightly brown. Watch closely; they
bake fast. Wrap pitas in damp towel and put in paper or plastic grocery bag for
15 minutes. This important step keeps them supple. These are easy to make, very
good, and fat-free. They freeze well and thaw fairly quickly.