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Ruth's Recipe Repost

>This recipe was posted on this list not so long ago, I think, but I'm
afraid I have forgotten by whom.  It was *delicious*!  And incredibly easy.
If you used canned potatoes, you'd have the good ol' 5-minute dinner (well,
almost!).  Great flavor.  Thanks, whoever you were!
>--Ruth HoffmanLake Zurich, IL (is is winter or summer?)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You tried a recipe, loved it, let us know
it was good, AND reposted the recipe.

I go nuts when someone says the recipe for (fill in the blank), which was
posted the week before, was just delicious, and then doesn't repost the
recipe. Unless I printed it out, I don't have it.

Thanks, Ruth! I hope everybody follows your wonderful lead : )


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