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Thanks to all who e-mailed in response to my friend who is on bedrest for
her pregnancy.  She is doing well so far, and is lucky enough to be allowed
to sit up and to move around the house a little bit.  I printed out all
your messages and she was delighted with them all--the encouragement, the
variety of viewpoints, the I've-been-there-too stories.  You're a great
bunch of folks--many thanks.

To those who have been concerned about calcium--let me throw in my 2 bits. 
I'm post-menopausal, arthritis runs in my family and I already have some
myself (I'm 53), and I take estrogen and progesterone.  (That's to help
control my heart disease.)  I drink calcium-fortified orange juice and soy
milk with calcium (the famous 30%!).  Otherwise, I don't do a very good job
of it--not much spinach or other calcium-containing veggies, and no calcium
supplements.  I just saw my doctor (a new doctor, actually, and really a
physician assistant) who said that since I'm on hormone therapy, my calcium
intake is fine.  Interesting.

Anyone have any idea what the herb rue is used for?  What's it go with?

Finally, I bought some kombu.  Now tell me what to do with it!  Does it
have a particular flavor of its own that "goes with" certain other flavors,
or does it just enhance whatever flavor you've got?  Does it really
tenderize beans?  What else does it do?

Thanks, all!

Ruth Hoffman       ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lake Zurich, IL
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes." --Marcel Proust