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        I keep seeing posts about how to use broccoli stems. Here's a
suggestion on how to keep  top and stem broccoli fresh in the refrigerator
for days.   I use this for store-bought stuff, as the garden type only gets
harvested as much as is needed for a meal.  I buy a BIG bunch, steam half
of it.  Then I take the remainder and set it upright in a glass dish (i.e.
a 1 quart glass measure is nice and deep) with 1-2 inches of water in the
base.   Make sure the stems are sitting in the water This works best with
long stems. The object is to get the plant in "growth mode" to be able to
hydrate itself naturally.  Cover it over with the plastic bag that it comes
in (here in USA) to keep the tops moist.  Bwalah!  You can keep broccoli a
**long** time this way.  Be sure to tell your housemates/family about the
open container of water that can be easy to spill.


Grace K. Von Tobel
100 Cool Street
Waterville, ME 04901                 Mercy triumphs over judgment.