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Wheat allergy and Apple and Celery salad


I remeber sometime ago someone asked about wheat free recipes and
mentioned a mailing list. I can't find the post and wondered if
anyone has any information. A friend of mine has just discovered that
she is allergic to wheat and nedds some help adjusting. Any info
would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a lovely salad that we have been eating for supper on days
when it is too hot to cook.

Apple and Celery salad

3 or 4 eating apples ( a mixture of colours looks nice) per person
A bunch of very fresh celery
Lemon juice
a little honey
Sultanas, raisins or chopped dates
a pinch of salt.

Chop the apples up and toss in the lemon juice (with the honey
dissolved in it) De-string the celery and chop. Add to the apples
with the dried fruit and salt to taste (Don't add too much salt).

This is wonderfully refreshing, and very quick.

 From Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, where the weather just can't
make up its' mind!