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Survey results for listing percentages

Last week I proposed posting the percentage of calories from fat, 
protein and carbohydrates with recipes (if that infrmation was
available). I asked for comments to be sent to me via private, email.
As of Sunday, 9/15, 7pm HST, there were 33 responses, 29 in private 
email and 4 which were posted to FatFree. Here are the results:

Responses      (Total number of responses = 33)
   20          Like the idea of percentages     
    8          Only need actual number of grams shown
    4          Would like both grams and percentages
    2          Wanted other data also (sodium, fiber, etc.)
    1          Don't need either
(one repondant expressed the concern that some people might not
post recipes if they had to determine the nutritional information,
would rather see no information with a recipe than have no recipe.)
Totals equal more than 33 as some responses had multiple comments.

Certainly no landslide, considering this is only about one percent
of the subscribers of FatFree. I only look at percentage of 
calories from fat, carbs and protein. Some people count calories, 
others count grams of fat.  To be of help to all, I'll show calories, 
grams and percentages with any recipes I contribute.

Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM