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Unidentified subject!

Wonderful news!  After a while you'll get up the courage to not eat meat 
even when others are.  You are well on your way to better health.

Jim Massey               
Humanities, Polk Community College, Lakeland, FL              
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> Subject: Susan Powter
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> Nathalie,
> I've just finished " Food " by Susan Powter.  Let me tell you that I knew 
> nothing about nutrition and fat, cholesterol...  I'm about 65 lbs. over 
> weight.  After reading her book my husband and I decided to keep our meat 
> consumption down to just when we have no choice, visiting relative...
> It has been very insperational and has opened my eyes to the relationship 
> between food and body, food and health.  I've only been a vegetarian for 
> a week and a half and I don't miss a thing...