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HDL, chol levels

I know I've seen stuff on this from various people before, but I just got   
mine tested and was wondering what is "average" on this list.   It was   
not taken after fasting, but I thinnk it is still fairly accurate since I   
didn't consume any fat that I can think of for 12 hours before the test.   
 I got the same cholesterol numbers as I did when I was 14, which is 190.   
 I was almost vegetarian at that age, probably had m**t only 2-3 timesa   
week.  Now I am 26 and still have the same level.  Any hints or clues?   
 I'm not yet a total veg, but working on it.  I skip too many meals, and   
have a weight problem(I weigh 200, should weigh 150), and am female, have   
had one child, I have stgarted walking 1/2 to 1 hour a day because diet   
is not producing weight loss.  My dad had a heart attack last spring, but   
it was partially due to a nondominant artery putting lots ofwork on   
others, I don't think his holesterol was terribly high but he had 90%   
blockage in one artery (which they bypassed) and he is 49.  Advice,   
hints?? -Mera.