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my girlfriend

Jsut wanted to thank everyone for all their suggestions on what was the best
idea for my girlfriend, who had been impressed by my diet, and how I said it
had improved my health, and wanted to try something similar.
 I explained to her the basic premise of Mc Dougall and Ornish, but there were 
certain things she didn't want to give up.  She has agreed to, try for a month,
 making sure everything she eats meets the list's  restrictions.  I've copied 
all my printouts
from old digests for her, and we're going to do it together.  She's even agreed
to, when she's eating with me, to try mainly vegan foods...
I'll keep you all updated (we start tommorow!) 

Also, I've noticed when reading some of my old posts that my typing is really
messy, ripe with errors, I apologize, and I think it is because I have a 200
wpm brain, but only about 60 wpm fingers!  =)