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book suggestions

Geoff was wondering what books to loan to his s.o. without overwhelming her 
with the whole McDougall program.  Geoff, if she's approaching it from 
wanting to cook differently, Lorna Sass has two books she might like:
Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure
Recipes From an Ecological Kitchen

The pressure cooker is very optional, the recipes are all vegetarian 
(except for 2 or 3 with honey, they are vegan), and almost all of them are 
vlf.  They are strictly cookbooks with recipes and lots of cooking advice, 
and will introduce her to a lot of new foods and cooking techniques.

I find Ornish's Program For Reversing Heart Disease and Everyday Cooking to 
be very upbeat, if you want to give her something else on the rationale of 
vlf eating.  They have a softer approach than McDougall's books for someone 
just toying with the ideas, I think.

Anne Cox