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Shi-take Mushrooms

     In reading the note from Judy Lederich-Mayer and Larry Mayer 
     concerning veggie oyster sauce, the mention of shiitake mushrooms 
     jarred my cobwebby memory and i remembered I have a huge bag of dried 
     shiitake mushrooms on my shelf.  My fiance(also a vegetarian) does not 
     care for asian food and I have not been creative enough to figure out 
     what else to do with the shiitakes.  I love their flavor.  Does anyone 
     have recipes for dishes using them or maybe sauces to be used over 
     veggie burgers etc. that they might want to share?  Thanks in advance. 
      Also, I tried the zucchini fake crab cakes and they were wonderful!  
     Just make sure you squeeze as much water out of the shredded zukes as 
     you can.  My fiance is an Maryland Eastern Shoreman and he even said 
     they were pretty close to the real thing.(I used about a 1 T. Wye 
     River Seasoning for the recipes.  Close enough to Old Bay!)