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Fat free homemade biscuits: lacto

Yes, Shannon, there really is a Santa Claus, provided Pioneer low fat
biscuit mix is available in your part of the world.

Pioneer makes a "low fat," which used to be called "no fat" biscuit mix. 
The only fat is from the flour, etc.

I've found a delightful substitute for the milk: Harmony Farms Rice Drink. 

Just toss the appropriate amount of dry and wet together and you're in, as
we say in Texas, "bidness."

Pioneer also makes a fat free gravy mix.  The "lacto" part comes from the
powdered milk in the gravy mix.  Their country gravy is incredibly good. 
I've tossed in half a cup of TVP granules and people have sworn that they
were eating old-fashioned sausage (UGH!) gravy.

This is not exactly homemade, but until I can figure out the proportion of
this to that in the Pioneer mix, it's the closest thing around.

Beverly Kurtin
Hurst, Texas