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Rice to perfection

Sandee Ritter, et al, the basic recipe for cooking rice is right on each
and every package of rice in the market:

Just add the amount of water required.  Bring to a boil.  Add the required
amount of rice.  Stir ONCE and then tightly cover.  Remove from heat (or
place on lowest heat possible) and DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER until the type
of rice you are cooking should be completely (and wonderfully) cooked.

How much time is that?  It's on the package.

What kills rice (and similar grains) is when folks just have to lift the
top to "check on the rice."  The rice needs no checking.  It is steaming
and when the top is open, poof! there goes the steam.

Beverly Kurtin
Bev's Cooking & Eating Show
(a non-copyrighted weekly column)