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Thank you

I just want to thank everyone for their wonderful help and advice about my
concern with my daughter not eating breakfast before going to kindergarten
and for the breakfast and lunch ideas to make for her.  I agree with most
and think that she just doesn't want to eat.  I think that I will start
packing her a good snack along with her regular lunch for her to eat.  They
do have kindergarten all day, from 8:15-3, and she always eats whatever is
left in her lunch bag as soon as she walks out of the door that afternoon.
Just one more question....do I have to worry about the chance of anything
spoiling in her lunch pack?  I bought one of those insulated bags and I have
2 of those freezer packs to put in there.  Is that enough to keep things
fresh until lunch-time at 11?  

Thank you again!