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Breakfast for daughter

My post that was supposed to go along with all the muffin recipes I sent
yesterday didn't make it to the list, so I'm resending it in two parts:

Dianne wants ideas to get her daughter to eat breakfast...it sounds like the
problem isn't really that she's not interested in what's being offered, but
that she doesn't feel hungry.  What a rare commodity these days to actually
be motivated to eat solely by real physical hunger!  Why should Dianne spoil
that? Though not in school  yet, I wrestle with the "need to feed" all the
time, but the fact is that my youngest is *always* ready to eat, but my
oldest just isn't interested in breakfast.  (If I fed him candy, I'm sure he
would)  Some mornings he eats some or all of his breakfast, but many days he
would just rather play.  Sometimes he asks for a snack mid-morning, but
sometimes he makes it until lunch.  There doesn't appear to be anything
wrong with him, he doesn't drag around like he's dying of malnutrition, and
he's a perfect weight for his height and build.  My Dad was never a
breakfast eater either...just flat out never felt hungry, and my husband is
the same way.  I, on the other hand, can live without breakfast if I dont'
make time for it, but I really do feel better when I eat something, and I am
not usually the type who "forgets" to eat.  My Dad, I guess because he was
told he needed to eat *something*, usually had a very tiny bowl of fruit for
breakfast, and that satisfied him.  I would suggest doing the same with your
daughter, Dianne, if you want to put something in her stomach, or if she is
getting too hungry before lunch.  Fruit, on an empty stomach, I am told,
digests easily and has a nice cleansing action.  Plus it's good for her.  My
children both adore fresh fruit, as I encouraged it from the moment they
started eating food and it was easy for them to eat.  If something more
substantial is what you have in mind, I suggest healhty muffins.