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breakfast part 2

Muffins are great because they can be made fat-free and very healthy, they
can be frozen and taken out of the freezer one at a time (so you can make a
whole bunch at once, get all  your cooking out of the way, and have
breakfasts for a month), and they are packable.  I like to make 2 or 3 kinds
all at once, and freeze them, so i have variety without having to cook all
the time.  If she is getting hungry before lunch, perhaps there is an
opportunity for her to eat a muffin at school before lunch, like on a
recess.  You could check with her teacher and explain the situation and ask
for a suggestion.  I'll send a muffin post separately, in case  you or
anyone else is interested.  I think I got it off this list months ago.

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