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Healthy Packed Lunches

Written Thurs 5 Sept lunchtime!


A favourite sandwich of mine is grated carrot, ff houmous - 
recipes for this in archives - and sliced red pepper. It may bei
better to chop the red pepper and mix it, and the carrot, with 
the houmous before putting it in the sandwich so it doesn't 
fall apart. 

Try also mashed banana mixed with reduced-sugar 
jam - a dark-coloured jam will hide the strange colour that 
the banana goes. Try and use a fairly firm bread for this 
one - home-made is good but if you are buying your best bet is 
a bakers rather than a supermarket.

You can make a nice lentil spread by cooking some red lentils 
until soft, then mixing in some tomato puree or other 
flavouring that your daughter likes.

Make some ff vegeburgers (I am sending you the recipe I've been 
going on about for the past few digests), grill, cool and serve 
in a roll with some home-made thick dryish relish (ketchup 
tends to leak).

Whatever you do, don't give her soup in a flask. Maybe this is 
just me, but I remember several times when I was little I 
opened my flask to have a look what I had, didn't close it 
properly  and got leaked on :-)

Hope this helps.