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Written Thurs 5 Sept 1996


Capers are some kind of flower bud. They are brined then 
preserved in vinegar. They are widely available in British
supermarkets (don't know about US) and Italian delis.

WARNING: I am going to mention something now which has olives 
in it...rather a high percentage of calories from fat. 
HOWEVER, it is an ingredient which should be used in SMALL 
quantities so a dish using it should fall WITHIN LIST 
GUIDELINES. And you can leave the olives out, but I don't 
recommend it.

If you want to flame me for this, go ahead. But I really don't 
think I deserve it :-)

[End of WARNING]

A nice thing to keep in the fridge is a paste made of pureed 
(drained) capers, black olives, parsley and garlic. Put them 
all in the blender together - quantities are to personal taste. 
Do a little bt of each, taste and adjust. This is called 
"tapenade" and a teaspoonful can be stirred into soups and 
stews, a little like rouille, to give a bit of zing!

NOTE: "tapeno" means "caper". A tapenade recipe without 
anchovies is just as "authentic" (if anyone cares about that, 
which I don't) as one with.