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Growing Ginger

Susan Hohlweg posted this method on Prodgy a few months back:
     Put a healthy knob of fresh ginger in a large pot of good   
soil.  Keep it moist, not wet and in a sunny place.  After  
about a month, you will be able to enjoy the bonus of a     
up-to-4 foot high plant.  When digging up the root, you     
will find it has many knobs (up to eight).  Replant one     
knob, to regrow.  Enjoy the rest as your new plant          
recycles itself.                                            
     I found it worked best if you used the whole large piece    
and had it at room temperature when you planted it.

This comment was added by Karen Ruedebusch:
  I leaned this neat trick years ago from Filipino          
friends. They just leave it in the the soil until they need 
some, then take it out, cut off what they need, and return  
it to the soil.  You don't have to worry about how to store 
it that way.