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E-mailing Recipes from MasterCook

Someone wanted to know how to e-mail recipes from within MasterCook. 
Thanks to Kindrick, I now know how to do that.  (Thanks again, Kindrick!) 
Here are the instructions:

1. Log on to your online service.

2. Highlight the recipe you want to send.  The little envelope icon should
now be "lit up".  It will be grayed until you select a recipe.  Click the

3. Clear the form (click the button)--very important.  Nothing should show
in any box, except the name of the recipe you have highlighted.

4. Fill in the form.

5. Click the "send" button.  It should send, and show you a confirmation

6. Close the mail window.

That's it--it should work!  It sure beats retyping everything, and makes it
easy to repost those recipes we rave about.

Ruth Hoffman       ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lake Zurich, IL
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes." --Marcel Proust