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The next step

I would appreciate some advice from you all.  Since becoming a member of 
Fatfree about 15 months ago I have lost 15 kgs (about 30 pounds) and am 
generally much healthier.  My weight loss co-incided with my taking more 
active control over my site and becoming a vegetarian.

I have (over the Australian winter) put on weight, and would now like to 
make moves towards a more vegan-oriented diet.  My problem is that my 
vegetarianism is pretty reliant on cheese (although not milk or yoghurt) to 
"get full".  I make many recipes with ricotta cheese (often in place of 
butter etc in toast or muffins)  and adding cheese to a salad sandwich gives 
in the "bulk" I feel I need.  I believe that this "need" is only 
psychological but would appreciate some particularly filling options....

Any hints, websites or recipes would be greatly appreciated!