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Re: Green Tomatoes

Peggy Muga wrote:
>>  My Mom would pickle eggplant,carrots,greenonions,peppers... And
>> the list goes on.  I think green tomatoes would be excellent

I was channel surfing the other evening and saw Martha Stewart making green
tomato pickles.  Unfortunately, I came in after she had already started so
I don't have the recipe, but I did see her marinating pickling lime-soaked
& rinsed sliced green tomatoes in a brine made of sugar and vinegar and a
spice bag with cinnamon, cloves, mace bark & ginger (maybe others, I don't
remember).  They looked lovely (of course -- it *was* Martha Stewart, after
all) and they sound like they would taste wonderful.  Maybe a book on
pickling could reveal a specific recipe and canning process.