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veggie burgers, dorm, and a treat

The second thing is that I'm a first-year college student 
looking for easy things to prepare in my room.  The 
dining hall tries, but I'm just so suspicious about added 
fat in anything except the salad bar.  I have a 
microwave, hot-pot, and fridge, but not regular access to 
a grocery store.  I do eat dairy and eggs (whites or 
Beaters of course)  Any suggestions would be great.  I'm 
not too fond of those instant, soup-in-cardboard-cup 
things.  The rice and beans never soften enough for me.  
Any thoughts?  I'm especially concerned about protein, 
even though I know you guys claim that isn't a problem.  
It may not be, but for me I feel better...please don't 

Also, I received a flier on campus yesterday.  I quote 
Dr. Michael Klaper: "The concept of vegetable protein 
being 'incomplete' is a myth.  All grains, legumes, 
vegetables, nuts, and seeds have all the essential amino 
acids."  This makes it sound as though, while preferrable 
nutritionally, variety wouldn't be necessary for protein 
intake.  While I know 'food-combining' is antiquated, 
this statement can't be true.  Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice!