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bob beeley and dixie usa

'Tis the season for pumpkin pie.   We found a GREAT one in the Dixie Diners
Club Cookbook (http:///www.dixieusa.com). Kosher, parve, and fat free. It's
quick, easy, and kinda' fun to make.
(If you can't find the Wonderslim and Mori-Nu locally, Dixie has them.)

forgive me if i'm wrong Bob Beeley, but don't you work for Dixie USA? maybe
it's just a coincidence that every post you make happens to be a recipe you
found in the dixie usa catalogue, and all the ingredients you use come from
them. i enjoy this list so very much and i hope i'm not treading on
anyone's feet, but it's one thing to share some good ideas/recipies, and
another to try solicite business using this forum.

once again, my appologies bob if you're just HUGE fan of dixie usa.

Leanne M. Reidy
Insync Internet Services