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Zoe's efforts...

Hats off to you, Zoe - that took guts! If you ever want to share, this
old-timer from ACA and Al-Anon is trying to get her weight down, too (my OA
group wouldn't touch anything deeper than a teaspoon and DEAL, so I quit

Sylvia   8-)  +

<><Sylvia Genders LeReverend <>< Information Technology Research Centre
(ITRC) <>< An Ontario Centre of Excellence <>< 6 King's College Road <><
Room 286 <>< University of Toronto <>< Toronto, Ontario <>< M5S 3H5 <><
sylvia@xxxxxxxxxx <>< http://www.itrc.on.ca <>< "If you have tried your
hand at something and failed, the next best thing is to try your head.