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I find half-tofu/half-TVP or half-tofu/half-bread crumbs makes a good meat
substitute, but you have to add some parmesan or romano, garlic, nutmeg,
and pepper in its flavouring. You could also grate some seitan. But do put
a pinch of anise seed in your tomato to increase the dish's overall

With cheese, you can go vegan or FF, but I don't think you can do both
unless you do away with it entirely.

Vegan, you can make a cheesy sauce with torula (good-tasting yeast) flakes
and oil, flavoured with hot pepper and garlic, or you can go LF cheese.

What I would do is make cheese by hanging LF yogurt in a piece of cloth (or
jelly bag or Donvier cheese maker) over your sink overnight, then mixing in
minced garlic and using that as the replacement for cheese.

Personally, I think you can go too far trying to recreate an ethnic food
without the basics. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't. I've had
some really lousy vegetarian lasagna, but I've had one very good one, too.
But then, I use tiny amounts of oil, yogurt, and some egg in my cooking,
and if I occasionally make something for everyone else that I can't eat,
I'm okay with that.

Sylvia   8-)  +

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