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Recipe request

Hi Everybody!

I could sure use your help. After being lacto-ovo-veg for some time, 
I decided to give up egg and dairy products. As my mind started 
turning over things I'd like to make for Christmas, I realized I 
would have to make Christmas fruitcake soon, so it can "age".

I looked through *all* my recipes (books, computer, etc.), and
discovered I don't have a fruitcake recipe that does not contain
eggs or dairy (and is fatfree). While I'm familiar with the basic
substitutions one can make, I'm not sure about fruitcake.

Can some kind soul (or souls!) help me out? Anyone with some fatfree 
vegan fruitcake recipes?

Stephanie Perkins-Cooney
Workgroup Software Specialist, Computer Services
Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, MB  Canada
email: cooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
voicemail: (204) 726-6745