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The perfect lasagne

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a filling lasagne recipe that contains no dairy products. 
 I have looked in the archives, and have found a great tomato and zucchini 
lasagne recipe.  The only problem is I am cooking for my brother who isn't 
vegetarian and I think he would miss the meat.  I am wondering if pureed 
pumpkin would suffice as a "cheesy substance".

Any other tips on how to make it "extra  filling" would be appreciated. He's 
a 21 year old whose on a drug which increases his appetite!

BTW,  I am looking to make this in the next 48 hours  and I only get the 
digest version of the list so I would really appreciate personal replies (as 
well as a list version for others who may be interested).

Thanks for your help.

Kirsten Andrews