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Thanks to everyone!

I want to thank everyone for all their support - so many people wrote me with
support & suggestions & sympathy, it was great. Many of the suggestions were
quite helpful. I'd like to say that I gained about 7 pounds in my junk food
binge & I feel that now I'm thru the worst of it. I've been going to
counseling & Al-Anon & have been trying to make meditation part of my routine.
But a big thing that helped is that on Sunday I went on a 12-mile hike I'd
been planning for some time, with 3 other women, it's on a trail thru the
Redwoods to the ocean. It was actually quite an easy hike - we'd never done it
before - only took 5 hours. And somehow this great hike was a wonderful
experience for me - I think it helped me to be more centered, to let go of my
daughter, & to be in my own life more. I am definitely planning to do lots
more hiking on the weekend, altho not usually that long of a hike - maybe I'll
do that one again in the spring. So I think it will probably be pretty easy to
lose this 7 pounds, since I just gained it & am being pretty much on track
again. Thanks again, everyone, for all your support.

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz