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Re: Blue Green Algae

Earlier, Mary Ann Rose and Ron Gallinger had this to say
about Blue Green Algae ...

> You can read about it at: 
> It's unfortunate no one took the time to give you an answer.  Here's
> what I found out: The main difference between Super Blue Green Algae
> (SBGA) and other algae harvested from Klamath Lake is ...

May I respectfully suggest that further marketing of the Cell Tech 
product line be taken to either private mail or a forum more in 
alignment with the subject matter ... perhaps one devoted to 
supplements, or to multi-level marketing?  Some items in the Cell 
Tech product line are very definitely **not** fat-free (or evel 
low-fat) items (e.g., "BG Bites").


Chuck Mattsen            mailto:mattsen@xxxxxxx   

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