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Re: What kind of fridge?

> Trying to eat a healthy, lowfat lifestyle means lots of fresh veggies and
> fruits.  We're finding our refrigerator, even though it's almost 20 cubic
> feet, is inadequate.  The crisper drawers are too small, and I'm getting
> tired of bending over and rummaging in the depths.  Anyone have any
> experience with a large capacity side-by-side?  I know some people hate
> them, some love them.  What about a bottom-mount freezer?  The main
> criteria is LARGE capacity refrigerator section, but still decent size
> freezer, since we don't have a separate freezer.  Any opinions and advice
> will be appreciated.

I bought a second hand refrigetarator mainly as a storage and put it out of 
the way...ours sit in a corner in the backyard in a covered area...is 
painted ( by me..with a brush) to "blend in" with 
as it is opened on rare occasions
it is kept at a very low setting to preserve and not damage vegetables ..
It is only opened to move stuff to our main refrigerator in 
the kitchen..re arranged all drawers to fit lettuces 
cabbages, okra, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, etc.etc.ec...
 and fruit...lots of fruit.......all of that for $70......

my 2 cents.