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off-topic stuff/pita

Someone was asking if there is a list where we can discuss "forbidden
topics."  Yes, there is....I run a health and nutrition list where all
related topics are open for discussion.  We're fairly new and still a small
group (about 1 digest every 3-4 days, with just a handful of posts), but
growing and eager to accept new people and new topics.

Natural Nutrition mailing list:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the list send a message to 
with (un)subscribe natural-nutrition-digest <your address>
        in the message body.
If anyone wants to see the FAQ first, just ask.

Val, could you send me the pita recipe you referred to....if it doesn't use
whole grain flour, do you think I could substitute?  At least half and half.

Diana, I am sending a recipe for Manicotti that my family loves....but I'd
better send it separately, or I think it won't go through.

Jess--yuck, about the Sultanas!  I never knew.  Guess it's a good thing I
can't get them anymore.

Bleesings all,

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