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Thanksgiving ideas (McDougall style)

Shannon wrote:

Thanksgiving is almost here - and this being my first thanksgiving on
the McDougal diet, I'm wondering what to take to my SAD family dinner.
Any tried and true ideas out there? Something with no dairy that's tasty
and filling- since it may be the only thing my husband and I get to
Thanks in advance!!



I've been trying to think of ideas, too.  I can't think of one think
that will fill you up, but maybe a couple of these side dishes would
work- I was thinking of getting some traditional recipes, and modifying
them to be no added fat or dairy.  You could try:

stuffing with whole wheat bread crumbs
wild rice/dried cranberry pilaf
bake sweet potatoes, then peel and mash w/ orange juice, cinnamon, brown sugar
mashed potatoes with garlic and lowfat soymilk and other seasonings to taste

Hope that helps...  You might also try Vegetarian times, and modify their
recipes to fit the McDougall program (or the Bay Area Vegetarian magazine).


Kelly Carney
Santa Clara, CA