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Vegan Mailing List and Busyness

Written Wed 2 Oct 1996 (evening)

Susan asked: "Does anyone know of a Vegan BB or a site of good
Vegan information?"

Send the following message to listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Internet)
or listserv@templevm (Bitnet):

        subscribe vegan-l (your name)
Example:  subscribe vegan-l John Smith
If you want the digest version add the line "set vegan-l digest"
after the subscription line. It's a really good list; they gave
me a lot of support when I finally went vegan just over a month

And busyness...term is about to start...so I won't be posting
so much...would really really like some quick easy recipes,
the kind of thing I can read on my email, think "I'll cook that
tonight", pick up a few things at Sainsbury's on my way home and
cook in 15 minutes.

Kate in Oxford, England, very very happy as husband just started
new job today. Hurray! I can pay my rent now!  ;-)