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Great Publication

I picked up a copy of Bay Area Vegetarian at Whole Foods yesterday and was
really impressed with the publication. I have not seen it before, so maybe many
of you other San Francisco Bay Area vegetarians also have not seen it. Itis an
annual publication put out by the nonprofitVegetarian Foundation. Back issues
(1995) are available by mail.
I am posting this to the list because I think there is a lot of good
information for people outside this area as well. Articles include:
- A winning program for vegan dorm food (tells how to go about getting your
cafeteria to cooperate)
- Latest news fromthe China Diet & Health Study (Dr. Neal Barnard interviews
Dr. Colin Campbell)
- How rats are not like people (Dr. Barnard talks about animal research)
- Indigenous food (vegetarian heritage of many Native American tribes)
- Go cold turkey (vegetarian Thanksgiving)
- Favorite recipes (many low fat)
- And much more!
The best feature of this particular issue  for me is the Dining 101 section
that lists 700 vegetarian, vegan, and veg-friendly restaurants and eating
establishments in northern California (starting with San Luis Obispo County and
going up to the Oregon border). It also gives details on a number of
restaurants and descriptions of each dining establishment (not very detailed
for most). If you live inCalifornia, or if you travel here, this is an
invaluable guide. It would make a great gift for any of your friends in this
area, too (stocking stuffer?).
1995 copies are available by sending $5 per copy to Vegetarian Foundation, P.O.
Box 9470, Stanford, CA 94309. The magazine says it's 128 pages with more than
30 wonderful features, including articles by Drs Ornsh, Kradjian, and
1996 copies (the one I got) are on the newsstand, but you may be able to obtain
a copy by writing the above address. The newsstand price is $3. It looks like
it's probably $5 to order (postage).
Hope this information is useful to many of you!
Julie in San Jose