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Fat-Free Book -- Need Ideas

I am working on a book entitled LOW FAT LIVING IN A JUNK
FOOD WORLD, and am looking for ideas for the book.  Low Fat
Living talks about strategies for eating LF or VLF at friends' houses,
on vacations, while traveling, at holiday meals, at business lunches,
and other situations where it's not all that easy to eat a low fat 
meal.  Low Fat Living is not about *why* one should have a low fat,
or very low fat diet, but instead is about how you maintain a low fat
diet in the face of enormous pressures to eat fatty foods.  

So, how do you keep to your LF or VLF diet while

--on the road
--on airplanes 
--at friends' houses
--on Thanksgiving
--at a restaurant that seems to have no LF items on the menu
--at parties
--in various social situations

By way of introduction, I am a writer and literary agent.  I am the
author of Outwitting Squirrels, The Home Remodeler's Combat Manual,
Baby-English:  A Dictionary for Interpreting the Secret Language of
Infants, and ten other books.

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

Bill Adler
Adler & Robin Books, Inc.
Washington, DC