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Sweet Potatoes

I was watching "In Food Today" last week and there was a "sweet potato
expert" on.  He made a low-fat vinagrette with a baked sweet potato.
Here's what he did.

Stud the sweet potatoes with whole cloves
pierce with a fork for steam to escape
wrap in foil
bake at 350 for two hours (these were large sw. potatoes)

When they are cool enough to handle, scrape the flesh from the skin and
discard the skin.

cube the flesh and put it in a blender
add your favorite vinegar; he did not note any quantities so be your
own guide. (he used balsamic and rice vinegar, I think)
blend and add water to thin to desired consistency. 
Add nutmeg or your favorite spices
I like sweet potatoes with a little rosemary
add salt and pepper to taste
Drizzle over salad.

I think this would be a nice dressing for salad with spinach, apples
and onions cut in rings.