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help w/salad dressing

I'm very happy to report that I'm finally starting to lose some weight sticking to the vlf plan.
It didn't really happen until I started exercising intensely every morning.  Its really a pain,
but it does make me feel better.  I think I'm cursed with a very sluggish metabolism.  Its soooooo
slow I have to really try not to get frustrated.  I'd love to hear from anyone else who also
has this problem.

Anyways,  I'm 98% off dairy products with the exception of one problem item-salad dressing!!
I just can't eat salad unless I have some kind of "creamy" dressing.  Does anyone have any suggestions
for vlf dairy-free creamy type salad dressings?  I wonder if its possible to make something with
mori-nu lowfat tofu or with the creme it that people have mentioned on the list?

Thanks for any suggestions!!