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regarding chocolate addiction

To the young man who was concerned about his chocolate cravings and was wondering about adverse health effects...

When I was 18, I could eat anything and not have it affect my weight or the way I felt. So, in my mind, the biggest problem here is the addictive pattern you set up. Chocolate is highly addictive, and if you eat it every day, you will get to a point where you *need* to eat it every day. Think of it like smoking.

I think it's important to control *any* addicitions in one's life, just so you don't feel controlled by it. It may seem insignificant to want a candy bar every day, but when you're unhappy without it...that's another story.

I know someone who gets very depressed and unhappy unless she has chocolate every day. She buys the huge gallon jugs of chocolate syrup from the wholesale warehouse, and finishes them in about 2-3 months, with the help of ice cream before ("light" ice cream, of course).

I love sweet things (my weakness is pastry, not chocolate), and if the majority of your diet is full of vegies and whole grains, and you exercise regularly, there is no reason a candy bar will hurt you. Just reserve it as a weekly treat, not an essential part of every day. For the other times, eat fruit, cereal (this is my favorite dessert), a Lifesaver or other hard candy, or some raisins. Don't think of them as susbtitutes for chocolate (we all know there is none!) - just something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Take care - 

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